Command List

!accept a !duel from another viewer.


bet during competitions.

!betinha is my wife Roberta, this is just a short description in Portuguese 


!deny a duel challenge from another viewer.

!desejo (game name) includes the game in our list of most wishlisted games.

!desejos displays the name of a random game that has been wishlisted before, includes date, time and user.

!discord invite to our Discord channel.

!donation information on how to tip the streamer.

!duel starts a challenge against another viewer, must include target name and amount of salsinhas.

!fanatical links the Fanatical affiliate URL.

!follow displays how long you've been a follower.

!frase displays a random quote from movies, games or the channel.

!jogos / !games list of Salsa's favorite genres.

!mensal links Humble Bundle Monthly.

!humblebundle displays how to help out Salsa by purchasing games and bundles.

!grupos / !groups links the Steam and Facebook groups.

!lurking lets the other viewers know you're away but still in chat.

!palavras displays the number of times Salsa forgets or mispronounces a word (English or Portuguese).

!pc shows the current computer specs.

!radio displays the current song playing on OCRemix Rainwave Radio

!rifa lets you know if there's a raffle active.

!salsinhas shows your current amount of Salsinhas.

​!snake Snake? Snake? Snaaaaaaaaake!

!social / !twitter displays all social media profiles

!songrequest while active sends a song request from YouTube. Requires salsinhas, discounted for subs.

!subs displays the current subscriber count.

!ticket (amount) purchases tickets while a raffle is active. 

!uptime displays how long the stream been live.

!viewers displays the number of people watching

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