Twitch Growth by Month

This area provides stats for the latest months of streaming via Twitch. The following were recorded using StreamLabs, your mileage may vary and sometimes it's quite hard to know which one is more accurate, however. The last Twitch partner application dating July 20th returned this data:

The month of July shows astoundingly abnormal numbers due to an influx of followers – during the week of July 5th to 9th – resulting from the Games Done Quick event which provided Brazilian Portuguese commentary by the channel host Marcos "Salsa" Bolton. The month also brought in 3 new subscribers after acceptance into the Twitch Affiliates program. According to witness accounts, at some point between 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM of the 7th the channel reached a top 70+ concurrent viewers, maybe even more. 

Twitch Stats for the Month of August

Here are some of the numbers for August 17th. Since this month did not include any major gaming events to attract a greater audience it did impact the viewer/follower ratio. Nevertheless, only two weeks into August, the utmost quality of the content presented by the channel does indicate that most of the audience stayed, additional viewers discovered the channel, and comparatively, it all reflected on a steadfast increase in numbers.

Streaming the game Fortnite also helped a lot when it comes to maintaing concurrent viewers and increasing the follower count.

Note: this month also shows that vodcasting can be hurtful to these stats due to a lower number of viewers, on the other hand it does support retaining fans who can't afford paying monthly just to watch subscriber-only vods.

I'd like to know how accurate these Twitch stats are, because they can be quite confusing sometimes
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